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The product range consists of three major Horchbox devices, each can be ordered with some options. Each box records sound to an SD card, which is later analysed using the PC and a free available software, specially developed for the Horchbox. All devices are compatible in terms of SD card and PC software. If you prefer to use another software, you can export the recordings as wav files. Please see more at the Software page including the latest PC software and example data.

Minibox: This box is the smallest of all Horchboxes. It includes an internal battery which can not be changed and is charged from USB. The runtime is two to three days.

Horchbox 2: This box is the biggest and most robust one. Standard batteries (7.2 Volt, 2400 mAh/RC car) can be used, the runtime is about 10 days.

Horchbox 3: This box is new and available from April 2015. It is nearly as small as the Minibox but has several improvements, best of all the battery can be changed and the runtime with one fully charged battery is about 14 days.

(All runtime estimation depend on the amount of bat activity and configuration. One can achieve more, but the runtime stated here is not garantued under all conditions)